Starting Afresh

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What better way to start the year than with a hacker cliché; start blogging on a regular basis.

The Past

My sum total of posts in 2012 was ONE and even then I ended up deleting it. This time will be different I'm promising myself. This time I'm determined to keep writing.

Looking back on my previous attempts, I only had a single post that ever gained some traction. Written back in November 2009, it was a step by step guide to building a Hackintosh on an old Dell box. It still receives over 100 unique page views per month. Back in 2009 it was somewhere near the 1000 mark.

Analytics from December 2012

Hackintosh Google Anayltics

For what it's worth, that Hackintosh still works perfectly.

The Future

So my aim will be to write and publish something every fortnight. I'm tempted not to include this post, so that I have until Monday 14th to produce something of value. I imagine it will along the lines of "How I Built This Blog". How original.

Moz Morris

Moz Morris

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